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Exploring the world through stories of the head, the heart, & history. I’m totally curious, definitely passionate, pretty empathetic, & hopefully kind.

Redvespa prides itself on having what it takes to take our clients’ businesses from where they are, to where they could be. Grounded in our Business Analysis roots, that passion for unleashing potential extends beyond our clients and across Aotearoa through our focus on social purpose; being in Business for Good.

However, in the last year, we’ve seen the needs of our clients and our community change.

What it takes is different now.

We’ve seen clients embrace working at distance, think more creatively, prepare for bigger risks, celebrate local but look global, invest more in culture, and live their values…

The story of the WHITE FERNS’ first opening bat

But, New Zealand’s oldest Test player is one thing he wasn’t.

Sadly, the rightful claimant to that title passed away in Christchurch last month with none of the headlines that Sammy’s passing generated. Margaret Luff (nee Marks) was 96 when she peacefully passed away in Christchurch in August, 2014. 79 years earlier she was part of the very first White Ferns side to take to the international stage when she opened the batting against England at Christchurch. Margaret was the last link to New Zealand’s Test cricket origins and, by some distance, our oldest Test player.

When Margaret made her Test debut…

New research looks at the role imagination plays in the innovation culture of business, and hints at how to reclaim your imagination.

New research undertaken by Redvespa may help us understand the reasons behind New Zealand’s slide down the Global Innovation Index — from 9th in 2009 to 25th in 2019.

Redvespa’s Imagination in Business research looked into the place of innovation and imagination in New Zealand organisations and identifies the limitations of our number 8 wire culture if we hope to regain ground on our innovation reputation.

The research took, as its starting point, the view that innovation doesn’t “just happen”. Instead, innovation is about systematised value creation. It has to be nurtured through a number of stages, of which innovation…

When art historians talk about the masters of Renaissance art — da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael — many of them are mentioned because of the way they were able to use their imagination to advance art and society. They saw the world in different ways and could present those new perspectives in a way that the rest of the world could interpret.

Or perhaps, for many of us, they come to mind because they were also ninja turtles…

These artists had a contemporary who trained and painted alongside them, commissioned by the same famous patrons, working in the same famous churches…

The Work In Progress (WIP) meeting is an almost ubiquitous part of corporate life. They are also a huge waste of time.

The internet is filled with articles extolling ways to run WIP meetings that “actually work”, how to make them “awesome”, how to make them drive performance, and so on. These articles are all about restructuring meetings to make them effective. There are very few that focus on any real, successful, outcomes from WIP meetings.

I recently took on the task of redeveloping Redvespa’s weekly WIP meeting in to something more effective. The starting point was to determine the point of the meeting, and it was immediately obvious that getting updates on work was no longer at the centre of organisational…

Photo from Shapelined on Unsplash

In the 2017–18 A League football competition, Sydney FC were the runaway leaders at the end of the league phase. Leading from Round 7, they lost just three times on their way to securing a home semi-final against the Melbourne Victory. The two teams have combined through their history to form a rivalry known as The Big Blue, their clashes a highlight of the Australian sporting calendar.

In the semi-final, the underdog Melbourne side took a 2–1 lead into added time as they looked to secure their first derby win in two years and atone for a Grand Final loss…

Photo: Susie Butler via Wikimedia

In January 2019, the social media world was captivated by the gymnastics routine of 21-year old American, Katelyn Ohashi. Competing for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Ohashi leapt, flipped, and turned in a high-energy performance that gained perfect 10 scores from the judges. However, it wasn’t simply the scores that led Ohashi’s routine to hit the headlines.

Ohashi’s journey to that performance, and the follow-ups that kept her in the spotlight, was filled with challenge and opportunity, success and failure. In 2013, she won the American Cup, defeating future Olympic Gold Medalist, Simone Biles in the process…

3 Lessons to Help Your Company Adopt a Conscious Culture and Build a Better World

The desire at Redvespa to become a Certified B Corporation came from a philosophy that has been part of the company since its founding in 2003. Informal and identified as simply being “part of us,” that philosophy defines Redvespa as being in Business for Good.

Now, through the process of gaining B Corp certification in July 2018, Business for Good is more than just a philosophy. It is an integral part of Redvespa’s way of working and a key driver in our strategy. …

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

“Of making apps there is no end.”

“The abundance of technology is a distraction.”

“Is there anywhere on Earth exempt from these swarms of new smartphones?”

In our “always on” world, it is very easy to feel like there is no escape from technology and the alerts, information, and expectations it places on us. Information overload bears down on us with every Facebook post, shared article, and email.

It feels like a very modern problem, one driven by those technological marvels we carry in our pockets. However, information overload has existed in almost every society in some way, with books…

In November 2018, I joined a familiar group of people to see English singer-songwriter, Frank Turner, play at San Fran in Wellington, New Zealand. I say familiar because I could see something of myself in each of them. We were all aging quicker than we’d care to admit. We were all, at one point, comfortable near the mosh pit but now found safety on its fringes. We all wore black t-shirts and drank craft beer.

The level of familiarity extended to the man we were there to see: Turner is a mid-30s, former-hardcore rocker who, these days, is punk through…

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