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Exploring the world through stories of the head, the heart, & history. I’m totally curious, definitely passionate, pretty empathetic, & hopefully kind.

Before former-BLACKCAPS and West Indian Test wicketkeeper, Sammy Guillen died in 2013 he was proclaimed as having been New Zealand’s oldest Test player at 88. One of just 14 players to feature in Test cricket for two countries, Sammy, by all accounts, was a remarkable man who was rightly lauded for his contribution to the global game of cricket.

But, New Zealand’s oldest Test player is one thing he wasn’t.

New research looks at the role imagination plays in the innovation culture of business, and hints at how to reclaim your imagination.

The Work In Progress (WIP) meeting is an almost ubiquitous part of corporate life. They are also a huge waste of time.

Photo from Shapelined on Unsplash

Photo: Susie Butler via Wikimedia

3 Lessons to Help Your Company Adopt a Conscious Culture and Build a Better World

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

“Of making apps there is no end.”

“The abundance of technology is a distraction.”

“Is there anywhere on Earth exempt from these swarms of new smartphones?”

Jamie Bell

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